What You Need To Know About Tray Trucks

If you have had a vehicle towed for whatever reason or work for a towing company, you will know there are a variety of different trucks that are used for the purpose. Depending on the situation and the type of vehicle being towed, an appropriate truck is utilised. The most common method of towing is by attaching the stranded vehicle to one that is powered usually a truck, with a chair or rope and lugging it behind. While this is convenient at times, at other times it does not work as well and this is where tray trucks come in handy.


Tray truck hire is also referred to as flatbed truck hire and tilt tray truck hire. They all mean the same thing, so if you hear someone referring to tray trucks by either of the other names, do not get confused. The introduction of these trucks has made a huge difference for those in the towing business as it has brought along with it a host of benefits that has increased the need for their services. For starters, they are bigger than your average hook-and-chain towing vehicles. The main feature that distinguishes it from normal towing trucks is that the damaged vehicle is loaded onto the platform at the back of the truck instead of being dragged along the street.


All vehicles come with their own individual characteristics, and so do tow trucks. Different trucks have different features that set them apart, and these trucks too come with their own set of traits. As they are quite popular in the towing business, you should check on what type you need, as some have enough rear space to carry even upto three vehicles at a time. So if what you need is to transport one vehicle, this option is a bit much which stresses the importance of double-checking the capacity. The front however has plenty of space for you and other stranded passengers to travel in if necessary.


If you opt for tray truck hire, the reason is often convenience as it is quite easy to transport vehicles with this option. Through the use of hydraulic power, the tray tilts to the ground at an angle which make it easy to load the vehicle onto the platform. Once the vehicle is safely loaded it is securely fastened to ensure nothing happens to it on the way. These trucks are particularly useful in situations where an accident may involve several vehicles and it is hard to move them with regular tow trucks. As the tray is tilt-able, it makes for the better choice in these instances.


As mentioned above, if you do not do enough research into what type of tow truck suits your requirement, you could end up spending more than you need to. As a business you cannot afford to waste money; checking for the capacity of the truck you need can save you a lot of trouble. Additionally, check for the condition of these trucks as rusty, old trucks can pose a number of dangers. If you are purchasing one, ensure you will receive adequate after-sales service.

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