Seoul- Quick Intro to the Do’s

Life is about the memories and experiences. When you are older, your child or your grandchild will ask you to tell a story and they are not asking for a story on how you got through Monday mornings at the office. This world has so many places that you will want to go to but think you’ll have time for later. But reality is later means not ever. It is human nature to explore the world, that is how we found out that we can’t fall off the earth. We all want to escape our lives and the ideal place to do that is Seoul.

If you go to any travel agency and ask for Seoul flight and accommodation packages, they will give you a variety. Pick one that suits your budget and go. However, economical tip, unless you are strapped for time don’t select the itinerary option because you are better off making your own. Anyway, there are some tips I will share with you which are must-do’s in Korea. First up, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace. These are two of the main royal palaces of the Korean Kingdoms built by the Joseon Dynasty. The Changdeokgung Palace is the longest serving residential palace in Seoul. It was used the Joseon Dynasty and was one of the more frequently used palaces not only by Royalty but also by the Korean Government after the fall of the Royal Family. The Gyeongbokgung Palace was built in the 14 Century but was sadly destroyed by the Japanese invasions and has been under Reconstruction ever since. However now up to 40% of the palace has been built and this provides a look into Imperialist Korea. The gardens and architecture of both palaces are considered to be one of the most beautiful in Korea.

Next up, Insadong, which is a district in Seoul that is fame for its shopping. While this is in close proximity the shopping district where there are modern day malls and shopping complexes, this area is more famed for their traditional set up and shopping. The cobble stone interconnected alleyways are lined with little shops and street vendors selling variety of goods. Whether it be nick nacks or accessories, you will find something for everyone.

Since you are using a travel agency’s basic Seoul flight and accommodation packages, you might have to fend for yourself in terms of food. It will be your first instinct to rush to the nearest fast food chain to ensure your health but by doing that you will miss a vital part of traveling, the food. The saying “When in Rome” definitely applies here. When travelling try to eat like the locals as much as possible, go to the eateries frequented by them which have a crowd. If there is a crowd then that means the food moves fast which means its fresh food. Now in any Country, the best food is found in Food Markets or Night Markets, Seoul is no different. Gwangjang Market is one place you must check out when in the city. It’s a night market that is favoured by both locals and tourists. Koreans are famous for their meats, in fact in ancient times there was a shortage of farming animals in the country as they consumed meat too much, so meat is their specialty. A must try dish is Bulgogi, which is grilled beef and Jeon or Korean Pancake which the locals eat dipped in soy sauce.

These are only some tips to make your trip to Seoul a success. The key to a great trip is not spending the sun and the earth but actually. So if one of your excuses is that you’ll have a tight budget then that is not an excuse. Whether you see the world with a backpack on your shoulders or in a limousine, what matters most is that you saw it.

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