A vacation is fun and enjoyable, if everything is properly planned right from booking flight tickets to hotel. However, when you reach the destination, you may wonder how to travel locally to visit various sightseeing spots in the vicinity.

You can either hire a taxi or hire local mode of transportation. However, these methods at the end of the day can be expensive and exhaustive. Another option is rental cars, which might be expensive, but it has its own benefits and charm. You have your freedom and can relax whenever you want.

You can always try the following tips and bargain to save extra bucks by renting a car.

Avoid big car renting companies:

The big companies go with their brand names and usually have higher charges. They do not negotiate. It is better to try out small companies for rental cars. Small companies provide the same facilities and have good fleet of cars to suit your budget and requirement.

Look for discounts:

There is no harm for looking discount as long as you are saving. If you are using your credit cards, the credit card companies provide extra reward points or bonuses. Some companies also link up insurance cover when renting a car. Hence, you save on buying additional insurance charges from car rental companies.

Book early:

The last moment is always expensive and you will not find many options in the car to select from. If you are booking early, the negotiation power is more and you can freely search for other options.

Check the deals:

There is no better option than internet to search for the cheapest way to find out the best deals.

Fuel Fill-up:

There are different fuel rates in different countries or even different cities in the same country. Before fully loading your car, check the fuel prices and fill up the fuel where it is the cheapest. You can save extra bucks to travel more.

Another most important thing is to avoid pre-filled cars. Usually, the car rentals charge extra amount for fuel charges in prefilled cars. If the car returned is empty, they charge 2 or 3 times the amount, hence check the terms before renting a car.

Hire compact cars:

Rent a car as per your requirement. Choosing a compact and fuel-efficient car will save extra money. There are chances of getting up-gradation from the car rental company, if the compact car is not available without extra cost.

Thus, at the end of the day, it is important that you travel safely and enjoy your travelling. These small tips can be of great help to make travelling better along with saving the extra amount to enjoy.