The next holiday trip will be solely your trip with yourself and so you are a little tensed about the matter. You are afraid rather a little anxious about the sense of feeling lonely as you are going to travel alone. Don’t worry and have some patience. We are here with the best tips to tell you how not to feel lonely while you are traveling alone. But before we start we would love to say that in order to have the proper fun during your travel, you must be flexible and easy going. Then it will never be a little problem for you to spend the best moments of your life more happily. For more info about mercedes car hire Melbourne, visit let’s have a look into these eight tips.1. Be the best friend of yourself: Being the best friend of yourself is the most important thing when you are travelling alone.2. Have a practice to stay at hostels: Always arranging a five stars or luxurious hotel cannot be possible. So have a practice to be in the hostels. This will save your money and new experiences will be awaiting there. For your traveling schedule in the cities of Australia, go for 12 seater limo hire Melbourne and your money will saved.3. Meet other travelers: The other travelers will help you in company and will give you some new ways to your travel plan. If you meet any one, whom you find trustable, you can share your expenses of stretch limo hire Melbourne when you are in this major Australian city.4. Smile: Keep smiling and this will help in making new friends in the new countries.5. Make local friends: The people, you meet in the new countries, will help you in knowing the culture, the place well and the food experience will be better.6. Have party friends: The local people, who are kind of a pub-crawl, will help you a lot in getting the best party experiences and music there.7. Hang out with the mates: The friends there in the hostels, whether you are living there or not, always require to be called for hangouts. They will become your close friends when you spend quality time and no question to be lonely.8. Take classes: The people, whom you will meet in the foreign countries, will be truly helpful and most importantly, you can make friends with them by the classes you take. Especially, if you are efficient in cooking or handcrafts, spread the knowledge among the local inhabitants. They will be happy and turn to be your very good friends in your long-term traveling schedule.