When you are planning a trip to a new place, you naturally look for comfort, budget, and accommodation. Before you reach the destination, you reserve the hotels or apartments in advance. But people often make mistakes while they are going to the foreign countries.
Here is a list of the mistakes which are commonly done by the people while they are in foreign country.
• Car rental problems: When people go to visit different countries, they commonly prefer a rental purchase of an automobile for their traveling with family or friends. This is for comfort and safety matters. But some common mistakes are done in choosing these cars. People often forget to make sure whether the company is registered and have legal license or not.
• Are the drivers experienced? The drivers are expected to be efficient. But do they know all the ways throughout the city? Get assurance about this matter while you are planning for rent to own cars, otherwise you may be in great trouble. This is also to be kept in mind whether the company is experienced and the drivers have proper license along with good skills. Don’t forget to reserve the car in advance before you reach the country. In a new country it will be too problematic for you to find out proper cars to hire. 

• Accommodation mistakes: Make sure for how long you are going to live in the foreign country first. Choose the accommodation on that basis – either for long term or for a short term. Long term accommodations offer twenty days or more for the trip. You can go for apartments rather than hotels. People sometimes chose wrong type of accommodation for their trip. Choose the correct type of accommodation.
• Not carrying the personal documents: You are going to the new country. So you need to carry all your personal documents, including your ID, passport and other details. If you find yourself in any problem, or for any kind of security check, your ID proof will be required. So don’t forget to bring your personal documents with your luggage.
• Not having enough money: ATM, credit cards, and debit cards – all are necessary in your holidays. But you need cash in a foreign country to make your living smooth during the traveling period. Money transfer takes quite time, may be a week. So get prepared for any kind of needs in the new country.
• Having no idea about the attractions: Before you go to the new country, has a proper guide about the attractions there.