How To Create Great Public Spaces

Public spaces are really important for city dwellers. This is because these places are their escapades. Most of the city dwellers live in apartments and small units. Therefore, public spaces in the cities are their only recreational places. Planners should focus on creating public spaces that are accessible and accepted by urban dwellers. A few principals to consider when creating public spaces and place making are as follows:

Community participation is the key

Community participation is the most important element in place making. Community knows better about their own space than most professionals and planners. Therefore, instead of top down approach to place making, bottom up approach is important. This could be only achieved by community participation. They know well about the lanes, walk ways, paths and areas that should be developed and how these areas can be developed.

Create places, not spaces

Focus on place making is important rather than space making. Any planner or designer can design spaces. But adding life to spaces is place making. This cannot be done only by a design. In order to do this, activities has to be created in these places. As an example, if you develop a park, a play area should be incorporated to this park. Also other activities such as venders, food stoles should be added. This ads life to the space and attract urban dwellers.

Develop a vision for the city

Developing a vision for the city is important for creating great public spaces. Different cities are specialized for different activities. Some cities are for entertainment, some are for industries, some for business, some for knowledge. Therefore, developing a vision for the city is important to create great public spaces. When there is a proper vision, place making can be in line with this vision. When a city has a vision, the strategies for city development can be a in line with the vision. In this context, city planning, traffic management services and other urban activities will be easy to manage.

Start small and then develop

Starting small is important in place making. Identify small elements to develop first. This can be public benches, small lanes, street lamps, etc. Start small and then focus on developing a great public space which is accessible to all city dwellers.

Keep in mind that it’s a continuous process

Place making is a continuous process. A city is an evolving entity. It is said that the city is an organism and that it grows continuously. Therefore, keep this in mind when you are planning great places. This will help you to create a great public space.

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