Tips On Making Your Wedding Day Extra Special For Your Fiancé

No doubt, weddings are special. The months before the big day is spent in a frenzy; and the bride and groom hardly have time to breath in between all these preparations. Sure, not all weddings are splashy; but even the simplest weddings take effort to plan and execute. The day of the wedding itself is filled with so many tear inducing moments and event, it’s no wonder that by the time you are done with it, your exhausted; both emotionally and physically.

But it’s your big day, and it’s important that you and your new spouse are at your happiest. Memories need to be made; so, that they can be thought of fondly in your life ahead together. Here are a few tips on how to make this day extra special for your loved one…
Choose your music consciously

In all the hectic planning that a wedding involves, it’s possible that you might have assigned the music to someone else to plan. Though we understand the need for it, and support it, be mindful to give them a list of songs you want played. Try to include songs that are particularly important to the two of you…a song that evokes a memory. If you plan on having a band playing, even surprise song dedications can be a sweet surprise.

Get away in style

People often forget the getaway part of the wedding when organizing it. Leave your wedding in style. Consider opting to get a stretch limousine hire Brisbane (or borrow it from a friend) for a little extra flare. It will be a fun experience for both of you. If this doesn’t suit you, then consider getting a vehicle that your new spouse won’t expect to travel on in your wedding day. Just be mindful that long, and often poofy dresses don’t fit in most vehicles.

Catch a little “alone time” in between the chaos

Often, after the big “I do” moment, couples slip away to change and even get a few photos captured. Unfortunately, they manage to time everything so precisely, they hardly have time to relax. If you plan on opting for the luxury car hire (and even you don’t plan on…), consider slipping away for a little alone time. Drive around for an hour alone, fuel up on a little snack and even surprise them with their favorite treat find the best transportation services.

The unexpected guest surprise

Sharing your wedding day with your loved ones is the best part about having a ceremony or function. Having someone really important unable to make it for your wedding can be disappointing. If you can manage to, arrange for a surprise guest for your wedding. It can be anyone from a favorite aunt who lives overseas to a childhood best friend they lost contact with…trust us when we say their presence will only make your special day even more memorable.

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What You Need To Know About Tray Trucks

If you have had a vehicle towed for whatever reason or work for a towing company, you will know there are a variety of different trucks that are used for the purpose. Depending on the situation and the type of vehicle being towed, an appropriate truck is utilised. The most common method of towing is by attaching the stranded vehicle to one that is powered usually a truck, with a chair or rope and lugging it behind. While this is convenient at times, at other times it does not work as well and this is where tray trucks come in handy.


Tray truck hire is also referred to as flatbed truck hire and tilt tray truck hire. They all mean the same thing, so if you hear someone referring to tray trucks by either of the other names, do not get confused. The introduction of these trucks has made a huge difference for those in the towing business as it has brought along with it a host of benefits that has increased the need for their services. For starters, they are bigger than your average hook-and-chain towing vehicles. The main feature that distinguishes it from normal towing trucks is that the damaged vehicle is loaded onto the platform at the back of the truck instead of being dragged along the street.


All vehicles come with their own individual characteristics, and so do tow trucks. Different trucks have different features that set them apart, and these trucks too come with their own set of traits. As they are quite popular in the towing business, you should check on what type you need, as some have enough rear space to carry even upto three vehicles at a time. So if what you need is to transport one vehicle, this option is a bit much which stresses the importance of double-checking the capacity. The front however has plenty of space for you and other stranded passengers to travel in if necessary.


If you opt for tray truck hire, the reason is often convenience as it is quite easy to transport vehicles with this option. Through the use of hydraulic power, the tray tilts to the ground at an angle which make it easy to load the vehicle onto the platform. Once the vehicle is safely loaded it is securely fastened to ensure nothing happens to it on the way. These trucks are particularly useful in situations where an accident may involve several vehicles and it is hard to move them with regular tow trucks. As the tray is tilt-able, it makes for the better choice in these instances.


As mentioned above, if you do not do enough research into what type of tow truck suits your requirement, you could end up spending more than you need to. As a business you cannot afford to waste money; checking for the capacity of the truck you need can save you a lot of trouble. Additionally, check for the condition of these trucks as rusty, old trucks can pose a number of dangers. If you are purchasing one, ensure you will receive adequate after-sales service.

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Craving Adventure?

Adventure has been a favourite word for all of us during a very small age. It is a manner of adding more vibrancy to one’s life. So, if you are an adventure-junkie yourself, we applaud you! Here are some more ideas to go ahead with.

Go camping

Camping is a popular option among those who seek the pleasures that nature has to offer. Furthermore, it is also a very clever way of escaping the concrete jungles of the city, and embracing the fresh air nature has to offer. Camping is indeed said to be stress-relieving. 

Camping is ideal with a gang of friends or family. Check online for amazing camp sites and set off for a three day camping trip. However, there are some must-knows in this case. Learn the camping etiquette (for an example, do not be too loud at the camping site), and learn the basics, including but not limited to, how to analyze wind changes. Also make sure you have packed all the essentials – sleeping bags, torches, etc.

Diving into the deep blue seas

Those who enter the wondrous beauty of the sea would lose their hearts forever. It is a place of magical beauty, enshrined within the blue folds of the sea. This is what scuba diving exposes you to. Going beyond, there are several obvious benefits to scuba diving. It increases your flexibility, develops your strength and helps you relax after a stressful week.

Before you dive, however, there are some essentials you should look at. You need to obtain the scuba certification and also buy proper scuba gear. While there are experienced divers who can manage their trip alone, it is recommended that you use the aid of a dive operator on your first go. Also take care to select a location which is not only safe, but also suitable for the purpose.

Enter the wilderness

There is nothing better for an adventure junkie plus a nature lover than a trip into the wilderness. It is exciting, fun and gives you an experience like no other. There are many tour agencies that offer coordinated trips to the jungle. You can rent a hummer they offer, and explore the jungle with the guide they provide.

However, if you are not entirely comfortable with guided tours (we understand you!) then the best option would be to rent a hummer and set off on your own. These vehicles give you the added safety you require, and extremely easy to maneuver under otherwise excruciating circumstances. Find a reliable services for your safety.

Sky diving

Then comes the mother of all thrills – sky diving. This is not for the faint-hearted since it requires a considerable amount of courage to jump off at such a height. However, those who have tried it rave about what an amazing experience that was.

Your course of action, if you need to try sky diving, is to first find a good location and a company that offers the service. Prior to your dive, you will be given a range of instructions and training on the basics. Focus on it, and there will be nothing to worry about.

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How To Create Great Public Spaces

Public spaces are really important for city dwellers. This is because these places are their escapades. Most of the city dwellers live in apartments and small units. Therefore, public spaces in the cities are their only recreational places. Planners should focus on creating public spaces that are accessible and accepted by urban dwellers. A few principals to consider when creating public spaces and place making are as follows:

Community participation is the key

Community participation is the most important element in place making. Community knows better about their own space than most professionals and planners. Therefore, instead of top down approach to place making, bottom up approach is important. This could be only achieved by community participation. They know well about the lanes, walk ways, paths and areas that should be developed and how these areas can be developed.

Create places, not spaces

Focus on place making is important rather than space making. Any planner or designer can design spaces. But adding life to spaces is place making. This cannot be done only by a design. In order to do this, activities has to be created in these places. As an example, if you develop a park, a play area should be incorporated to this park. Also other activities such as venders, food stoles should be added. This ads life to the space and attract urban dwellers.

Develop a vision for the city

Developing a vision for the city is important for creating great public spaces. Different cities are specialized for different activities. Some cities are for entertainment, some are for industries, some for business, some for knowledge. Therefore, developing a vision for the city is important to create great public spaces. When there is a proper vision, place making can be in line with this vision. When a city has a vision, the strategies for city development can be a in line with the vision. In this context, city planning, traffic management services and other urban activities will be easy to manage.

Start small and then develop

Starting small is important in place making. Identify small elements to develop first. This can be public benches, small lanes, street lamps, etc. Start small and then focus on developing a great public space which is accessible to all city dwellers.

Keep in mind that it’s a continuous process

Place making is a continuous process. A city is an evolving entity. It is said that the city is an organism and that it grows continuously. Therefore, keep this in mind when you are planning great places. This will help you to create a great public space.

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Seoul- Quick Intro to the Do’s

Life is about the memories and experiences. When you are older, your child or your grandchild will ask you to tell a story and they are not asking for a story on how you got through Monday mornings at the office. This world has so many places that you will want to go to but think you’ll have time for later. But reality is later means not ever. It is human nature to explore the world, that is how we found out that we can’t fall off the earth. We all want to escape our lives and the ideal place to do that is Seoul.

If you go to any travel agency and ask for Seoul flight and accommodation packages, they will give you a variety. Pick one that suits your budget and go. However, economical tip, unless you are strapped for time don’t select the itinerary option because you are better off making your own. Anyway, there are some tips I will share with you which are must-do’s in Korea. First up, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace. These are two of the main royal palaces of the Korean Kingdoms built by the Joseon Dynasty. The Changdeokgung Palace is the longest serving residential palace in Seoul. It was used the Joseon Dynasty and was one of the more frequently used palaces not only by Royalty but also by the Korean Government after the fall of the Royal Family. The Gyeongbokgung Palace was built in the 14 Century but was sadly destroyed by the Japanese invasions and has been under Reconstruction ever since. However now up to 40% of the palace has been built and this provides a look into Imperialist Korea. The gardens and architecture of both palaces are considered to be one of the most beautiful in Korea.

Next up, Insadong, which is a district in Seoul that is fame for its shopping. While this is in close proximity the shopping district where there are modern day malls and shopping complexes, this area is more famed for their traditional set up and shopping. The cobble stone interconnected alleyways are lined with little shops and street vendors selling variety of goods. Whether it be nick nacks or accessories, you will find something for everyone.

Since you are using a travel agency’s basic Seoul flight and accommodation packages, you might have to fend for yourself in terms of food. It will be your first instinct to rush to the nearest fast food chain to ensure your health but by doing that you will miss a vital part of traveling, the food. The saying “When in Rome” definitely applies here. When travelling try to eat like the locals as much as possible, go to the eateries frequented by them which have a crowd. If there is a crowd then that means the food moves fast which means its fresh food. Now in any Country, the best food is found in Food Markets or Night Markets, Seoul is no different. Gwangjang Market is one place you must check out when in the city. It’s a night market that is favoured by both locals and tourists. Koreans are famous for their meats, in fact in ancient times there was a shortage of farming animals in the country as they consumed meat too much, so meat is their specialty. A must try dish is Bulgogi, which is grilled beef and Jeon or Korean Pancake which the locals eat dipped in soy sauce.

These are only some tips to make your trip to Seoul a success. The key to a great trip is not spending the sun and the earth but actually. So if one of your excuses is that you’ll have a tight budget then that is not an excuse. Whether you see the world with a backpack on your shoulders or in a limousine, what matters most is that you saw it.

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Never Feel Lonely ,Even When You Are Alone

The next holiday trip will be solely your trip with yourself and so you are a little tensed about the matter. You are afraid rather a little anxious about the sense of feeling lonely as you are going to travel alone. Don’t worry and have some patience. We are here with the best tips to tell you how not to feel lonely while you are traveling alone. But before we start we would love to say that in order to have the proper fun during your travel, you must be flexible and easy going. Then it will never be a little problem for you to spend the best moments of your life more happily. For more info about mercedes car hire Melbourne, visit let’s have a look into these eight tips.1. Be the best friend of yourself: Being the best friend of yourself is the most important thing when you are travelling alone.2. Have a practice to stay at hostels: Always arranging a five stars or luxurious hotel cannot be possible. So have a practice to be in the hostels. This will save your money and new experiences will be awaiting there. For your traveling schedule in the cities of Australia, go for 12 seater limo hire Melbourne and your money will saved.3. Meet other travelers: The other travelers will help you in company and will give you some new ways to your travel plan. If you meet any one, whom you find trustable, you can share your expenses of stretch limo hire Melbourne when you are in this major Australian city.4. Smile: Keep smiling and this will help in making new friends in the new countries.5. Make local friends: The people, you meet in the new countries, will help you in knowing the culture, the place well and the food experience will be better.6. Have party friends: The local people, who are kind of a pub-crawl, will help you a lot in getting the best party experiences and music there.7. Hang out with the mates: The friends there in the hostels, whether you are living there or not, always require to be called for hangouts. They will become your close friends when you spend quality time and no question to be lonely.8. Take classes: The people, whom you will meet in the foreign countries, will be truly helpful and most importantly, you can make friends with them by the classes you take. Especially, if you are efficient in cooking or handcrafts, spread the knowledge among the local inhabitants. They will be happy and turn to be your very good friends in your long-term traveling schedule.

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Roadside Supports For Rider’s Protection

Motorbike drivers from all over the world can acquire considerable advantage from the exposure of wayside support with the towing service. This kind of overhaul is reasonable and proffers rider defense while they are travelling. If you collapse, you need not to fret about it, as you are primed for the crisis. The delegate of the proposed towing company will receive your obligatory information and sent the towing service to your place. Towing is not the mere service you will obtain with this coverage; they have diverse plans which you can select from that, including jumpstart service, flat tire service and fuel delivery etc.

Towing paraphernalia

If you are looking to employ the towing company next time when your motorcycle rebuff to go further, then you need to attain a few fundamental information about the towing apparatus that most companies desire to use.

Most motorcycle towing companies employ the identical types of towing paraphernalia. Sometimes you may heed that a few companies are offering enhanced apparatus for towing your proposed motorcycle or vehicle and you may remunerate further for those alternatives. So it is imperative to recognize that there are not many options as far as towing equipment is concerned.

One more admired alternative is the customary tow truck with a hook. Each towing company has this type of truck. This truck uses a hook which is positioned under your proposed vehicle and that elevate the front wheels off while keeping the back wheels on the boulevard. Link here a trusted service for your vehicle that can meet your needs.

It has to be checked that the towing company has all the adequate tools to secure your motorcycle or vehicle. The motorcycle is dragged by flatbed truck. Some companies use full sized tow truck, while other companies desire to employ the pickup truck which has customized bed and is particularly premeditated for towing motor cycle.

The precise kind of coverage which you have is entirely depending on the company and the proposed plan you select. So it is suggested to appraise your alternatives prior to picking any plan. You have to consider where you traverse and how frequently and this will facilitate you to select the paramount plan as per your pattern. An adept towing company constantly considers your safety. They will shift your proposed vehicle to a protected place. They will send someone instantaneously and tow your proposed vehicle or motorcycle in the adjacent garage or your residence depending on your plan. Some populace may assume that they do not require security when they ride the bike for excitement or if they don’t go too remote. But it is factual that a mishap could occur closer to your dwelling and then you must pursue the identical procedure what is pertinent for elongated distance.

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