It is common to have a formal gathering at the end of a year in the schools. This event stands as a special occasion for rewarding the students for their hard work all through the completed year. School formal is an occasion where the students celebrate with the teachers and friends. The students are given a chance to be free, to be well-dressed and to enjoy the evening. Students find an opportunity, during this event, to experience a luxurious and stylish drive in a hired car.
Details of a few of the formal cars
Australian limousines are one among the many car types that are offered for rent to the people interested in the school formal car hire in Brisbane. Some of the Australian formal cars are:
• 300C Stretch Limo– It is a white car capable of carrying ten passengers and bears luxurious seats that are made of leather. It has a stylish look inside with laser and coach lights, disco floor, and 22 inches Rim. The car is equipped with air conditioning and awesome sound system.
• Sebring Convertible –This is again a white car capable of holding three passengers. It is also equipped with 22 inches Rim, air-conditioning, leather seats and a magnificent sound system.
• Hummer –This is a bigger white vehicle capable of holding 16 passengers and possessing all the other amenities mentioned above including the sound system.
• 300C Sedan – This white car can hold four passengers and possesses terrible sound system with air-conditioning and leather seats that are sufficiently luxurious.
There are several other companies offering stylish, luxurious and attractive school formal cars for rent. These cars have to be hired by the students long before the event to avoid non-availability of the cars for rent. As the school formal events will be arranged almost at the same time during the end of the year, students interested to attend the event in luxurious cars have to book for them a few days before. You can give an attractive look to your friends from inside the car and make your friends envy you for attending the event in a spectacular dress and for arriving in a stylish car.
Formalities for engaging a school formal car
You have to fill up a quotation form, a form for payment remittance advice and a form for credit card authorization. The quotation form asks you to provide information about the amount you should pay for the school formal car hire and a deposit fee for booking the car. This form also asks the customer about the initial quotation amount, date of the quotation submission and mentions the terms and conditions of the company in the form. Through the other form, the company gathers information about the personal details of the person such as name, address, job, and credit card details.